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Horseman: Of Hope, Freedom and Future - CD Jewelcase


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The new album of the five horsemen sets new standards in terms of the band’s sound and songwriting. The band was armed with a musical baseball bat on previous albums, and their main goal was to play uncompromising and hard-hitting music. Now the band developed into a more modern direction. "Of Hope, Freedom And Future" offers a mix of brutal compositions with infectious and groovy riffs and catchy melodies and vocal lines. All killers, no fillers!


1. Of Hope, Freedom And Future
2. A Thousand Wars
3. Hunters
4. See Me Hanging
5. .The Monsters I Feed
6. Die Gedanken Sind Frei
7. Teach Them To Question
8. An Open Mind Breaks Down Walls
9. The Giant
10. Fools Keep Marching
11. The Final Dance
12. Shellshock

48:00 Minutes
Label: Massacre Records
MAS CD1035
Band's country of origin: Germany