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Life is not a pony farm says that German saying, just meaning "Life ain't
easy". So is the world of "Horseman" - grim and sinister, but bursting with
energy. Yet the single "Stay Fast" of their newly remastered Album "Distortion
of Liberty" (RecordJet/Soulfood) shows the gist that represents the hardcore
metal of the five musicians from Bielefeld (North-Rhine Westphalia): They stay
fast. At a level that sends the pulse soaring and the ears' blood pressure
skyrocketing - for an incredible explosion of the senses that revolves through
the auditory canal. "Aggro shouts in core manner meet thrashy-metallic riffs
which - in combination with wicked grooves - screw the head of its body" is
stated in a "Metal Only" review. Because it's not about stupid bashing or dull
lyrics. It's about harmony and disharmony in a coherent soulscape of guitar
riffs and relentless double bass thunderstorm. Their metal is their horse, they
are its master. Musical masters who especially show at gigs where to hit the
nail on the head.


1. Sailors grave
2. Distortion of liberty
3. Stay fast
4. Suicide City
5. Buried and
6. Judgehammer
7. Lost humanity
8. Not for God

Label Recordjet